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How To Start A Microschool In Your Community

Learn the easiest way to socialize your children, make an income and learn how to develop the whole child.

Calling all aspiring microschool operators! When you sign up you will receive a…

FREE Microschool Starter Kit

Are you ready to break free from the confines of traditional education and embark on an extraordinary journey as an educational trailblazer? Look no further! Introducing the Microschool Starter Kit Guide: Your ultimate companion on the path to launching a wildly successful microschool. With our 10 carefully curated steps, you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge, and strategies needed to revolutionize education and create an immersive learning environment tailored to your vision. Get ready to unleash your inner educational superhero and make a lasting impact on the lives of young minds. The future of education starts here, and it starts with you. Join us on this transformative adventure today!

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Ready to dive into the world of microschool success? Discover the power of real-life stories with my exclusive “Microschool Success Stories Guide.” Uncover the secrets behind thriving microschools and get inspired to turn your dreams into a reality. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource that will ignite your passion and empower you to create an exceptional learning environment for the next generation of leaders! Sign up now and unlock the potential of microschool success.

Microschool Lab is a power-packed series 

that will dramatically shortcut the path

 to creating thriving little leaders and a leader in you!

The world is changing rapidly, and if we want to prepare our children for the future, we need to embrace these changes and teach them how to use them to their advantage.

Problem No 1

There is a big problem in the school system right now.

The traditional education system is primarily focused on academics, not holistic growth across all areas of a child’s life. This leaves out important factors such as a child’s emotional, social, and physical well-being.

The first seven years of a child’s life are foundational, and during this time, their subconscious mind is being programmed. What they experience, what they are told, and the words they hear are imprinted in their brain. This is why it is so important for moms to show up as leaders during this time.

Microschools are an alternative education model that can address these gaps. Microschools are small, intimate learning communities that focus on holistic growth. They provide opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills, and they support moms in their own leadership journey.

Leadership is not something that people are born with. It is something that is learned and developed over time. Microschools provide the perfect environment for children to learn and develop leadership skills.

Problem No 2

“I’m frustrated that I can’t provide my children with the educational opportunities I want for them.

I was faced with wanting to find my two children an exceptional learning experience that aligned with my values and philosophy of learning. There were two parts:

  1. I couldn’t afford to pay annual tuition for the private schools on my elementary degree that sort of closely aligned with my philosophy of learning. Note, the average private school costs around $12,500 annual tuition for one child so my first question is, have you done the math? If you have more than one child, double or x that cost.
  2. What I desired in a school was like an unicorn in a haystack; it didn’t exist. I desired for my kids to be outside the majority of their learning, child-led, growth- mindset, personalized learning, leadership developing, etc. Why should you have to settle or compromise on the learning experience you envision for your children? Imagine you getting to give your child a learning journey that has all your values and philosophies! 

Problem No 3

“I have no other option, I have to get a job and can’t homeschool my children.”

I was mourning this story I was telling myself for months as I was searching for a marketing job. I began to think creatively and realized a solution. I could open up a Microschool in my home while also holding onto my value of: homeschooling my kids, modeling entrepreneurship, contributing income and utilizing my gift of guiding learners. I am here to invite you moms that are in your 9-5 jobs to consider the possibility that if you have this homeschooling calling on your heart that it’s possible for you too! You can homeschool your children and have an income while doing it!

I can’t wait for you to unlock your legacy and income potential with…

Microschool Lab

Enjoy creating income, being a leader and raising a leader into a thriving adult with the revolutionary step-by-step framework for moms that are ready to maximize their homeschooling experience!

Microschool Lab is perfect for: moms of young kiddos

-Moms only

-growth mindsets 

-first time homeschoolers


-change makers

-teachers who left the public school looking for alternative learning


Microschool Lab is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know to open and run a successful microschool.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to create a curriculum that meets the needs of your students
  • How to facilitate learning in a small group setting
  • How to develop healthy daily habits and routines for your students
  • How to build a strong community of learners
  • How to market and promote your microschool

Microschool Lab is the perfect course for moms who want to create a better educational experience for their children.

In addition to the course content, you will also have access to a supportive community of other moms who are also interested in opening microschools.

This course is an investment in your child’s future, and it will give you the skills and knowledge you need to create a thriving microschool that will benefit your community for years to come.

Here are some of the benefits of Microschool Lab:

  • Transform your mind in knowing how to teach your child as a whole person: Microschool Lab will teach you how to create a curriculum that meets the needs of your child’s whole being, not just their academic skills. You will learn how to incorporate social-emotional learning, physical education, and the arts into your curriculum.
  • Develop knowing how to be the leader your child can follow to be a thriving adult: Microschool Lab will teach you how to be a leader in your child’s life. You will learn how to set a good example, how to motivate and inspire your child, and how to help them develop their own leadership skills.
  • Download the “pro’s secrets” in gaining a master ability to healthy daily habits and routines: Microschool Lab will teach you how to create healthy daily habits and routines for yourself and your child. You will learn how to set goals, how to break down tasks into manageable chunks, and how to stay motivated.
  • Exercise self-development as a busy mom daily: Microschool Lab will help you develop yourself as a person. You will learn how to set aside time for self-care, how to manage your time effectively, and how to overcome challenges.
  • Cultivate a healthy foundation no matter if you grew up in a broken family culture: Microschool Lab will help you create a healthy foundation for your child, regardless of your own upbringing. You will learn how to deal with difficult emotions, how to set boundaries, and how to create a safe and supportive environment for your child.
  • Secure confidence in facilitating guiding learners and your child in your preschool without having to go to college for a teaching degree.
  • **Partnered and supported in your goal of being a better version of yourself even when you don’t have the community locally. **
  • Know that your dollars are being spent on investing in the foundation of your legacy that will carry on for generations.

If you are ready to create a better educational experience for your child, then Microschool Lab is the perfect course for you.

Sign up today to join the waitlist and start your journey to creating a thriving microschool!